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Tuesday 26th February

2018/19 Season Competitions - Open Singles

Open Singles

Open Singles Round of 32 - 27th Feb 2019 - Best of 5 (First to 3)

Player vs Player Venue
Brian Fardoe  vs Rob Bidder No9 Bar
Martin Ridgeway  vs Mike Delahaye  The York
Sam Palmer  vs Freddy Marquiss No9 Bar
Andy Daniels vs Richard Parry  The Park Inn
Wayne Tucker vs Dylan Jessop  The Pilot
Adi Bowden  vs Dan Brown Bicton Inn
Glenn Brown vs Steve Eynon  No9 Bar
Ian Stuart vs Bluey  The York
Martyn Brooks vs Steve Wannell Exmouth Arms
Carl Rowsell  vs Paul Vincent First and Last
Ian Dredge vs Iain Callander Country House
Mike Jones  vs Craig Wilson No9 Bar
Mark Jones  vs Paul Brown  Holly Tree Inn
Derek Tate  vs Mike Yeo The York
Ross Reynolds  vs George Webster First and Last
Luke Newcombe  vs James Gwyther  No9 Bar



All groups will be played as a round robin (everyone playing everyone) it is the first to 2 in each match. You get 3 points for a win and it will be counted as frame differance first, then head to head. The top two go through to the next draw.

Groups 1- 4 - 9th October 7PM Start

Group 1 - Tim Parker/ Rob Pow/ Brian Fardoe (1st)/ Dylan Jessop (2nd) - Number 9

Group 2 - (2nd) Dan Brown/ Alex Clark/ Paui Voller/ Steve Honeywell/ (1st) Martin Ridgeway - York

Group 3 - Paul Taylor/ Steve Eynon (2nd)/ Gavin Garman/ Sam Palmer (1st)/ Graham McGee - Number 9

Group 4 - Rob Meldrum/ Andy Daniels/ Tom Gow/ Bluey - First & Last


Groups 5 - 8 - 13th November 7PM Start

Group 5 - Sam Squance/ (2nd) Steve Wannell/ James Bovey/ (1st) Wayne Tucker/ Colin Wannell - Number 9

Group 6 - (2nd) Paul Vincent/ Terry Bridle/ Adam French/ (1st) Adi Bowden - York

Group 7 - Tom Dore/ Sam Cox/ (2nd) Iain Callander/ (1st) Glenn Brown/ Chris Jones - Number 9 

Group 8 - (1st) Ian Stuart/ Wayne Mitchell/ (2nd) Craig Wilson/ Haydon Brown/ Kris Statham - First & Last


Groups 9 - 12 - 18th December 7PM Start

Group 9 - Dave Thomas/ (1st) Martyn Brooks/ William Davey/ (2nd) Mike Yeo- Number 9 

Group 10 - Traci Wannell/ Will Evans/(2nd) George Webster/ (1st) Carl Rowsell - York

Group 11 - Neil Gibson/ Paul Hart/ (1st) Ian Dredge/ Pete Crewedson/ (2nd) James Gwyther - Number 9

Group 12 - Kev Proctor/ (2nd) Rob Bidder/ Dave Davies/ (1st) Mark Jones - First and Last


Groups 13 - 16 - 8th January 7PM Start

Group 13 - Ben Sandry/ Derek Tate (1st)/ Mike Delahaye (2nd)/  - Number 9

Group 14 - Freddy Marquiss (2nd)/ Martin Hay/ Ross Reynolds (1st)/ Chris Heal - York

Group 15 - Billy Brown/ Mike Jones (1st)/ Dave Worsfold/ Richard Parry (2nd) - Number 9 

Group 16 - Paul Brown (2nd) / Kev Brown/ Steve Brown/ Luke Newcombe (1st) - First and Last