Next League Match:
Tuesday 26th February

Contact Sheet

Exmouth Pool League Committee

For all enquiries to the Committee, please email, or contact the relevant person using the details below.

Rob Pow - Chairman - 07786 866609
Craig Wilson - Vice Chairman & League Secretary - 07725 841577
Rob Elder (Fredy) - League Secretary - 07546012315
Dave Worsfold - Competition Secretary - 07814 449325
Pete Crewdson - Scocial Secretary - 07751 107020
Jason Trigger - League Secretary - 07969 042157


Do Something Good Sam Cox 07581299199 Number 9
Monkees Shaun Spratt 07779655754 First and Last
Muppets Kris Statham 07816148586 Holly Tree Inn
Peace Takers Craig Wilson 07725841577 Number 9
Sherkers Ian Stuart 07831823874 Number 9
The Marching Band Brian Fardoe 07967569029 Number 9
The York Kevin Proctor 07930196935 The York Inn
Trigger's Broom Steve Wannell 07763179040 The York Inn

Division 1

Always Hit It Hard Enough Mike Delahaye (Spike) 07912350530 Number 9
Armless Paul Brown 07912358650 Exmouth Arms
Country House Chris Guest 07514690525 Country House
Dirty Shunts Will Ager 07964954179 The York Inn
Just The Tip Dave Davies 07522529209 The York Inn
Proper Job Linda Kerr 07957727645 Bicton Inn
Yorkies Lorraine Reeves 01395 269975 First and Last

Division 2

Bicton Oddballs Graham Hopkins 07941660776 Bicton Inn
Legless Barry James 07730374700 Exmouth Arms
Mrs Brown's Boys Sharon Brown 07720963482 Holly Tree Inn
Pilot Bandits Roger Rowley 07970539016 The Pilot
Rack-Em Kev Tooze 07531123987 Country House
The Animals Nick Davey 07768622028 Country House
The Park Inn Tickets Richard marsh 07838177768 The Park Inn

Division 3

Bring It On The York Inn
Pub Bats Leyann Meldrum 07496735884 The Bank Inn
Rainbow Rene Antunes 07534793528 Wings Bar
Talking Hands Gavin Garman 07971546679 The Park Inn
The Clinton Tom Dore 07746715152 The Clinton Arms
The Misfits Craig Scotson 07712351504 The Clinton Arms
Whammys Brandon Hodge 07494941884 The Pilot
Wonguns Charlie Page 07960025343 The Strand