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2017/18 Season Competitions

2017/18 Season Competitions

For all KO Cup, KO Plate and Open Singles Group Stages, the winning team/player must submit a card to Number 9 within 48 hours of the match being played. For all other competitions, you can text the competition secretary with your result (details on the Contact Sheet), email or send a message via Facebook. Please do not write your result on the back of a league match card as this will not be seen by the competition secretary.

If you need to rearrange a match, you must let the competition secretary know, as well as the venue that you were due to play at.

Please choose the competition you would like to view:

- Knockout Plate
- Knockout Cup

- Open Singles
- Open Doubles
- Ladies Singles
- Mixed Doubles

- 3-Man
- Seniors Tour
- Youth Tour

- Masters