Next League Match:
Tuesday 24th October
3-Man Quarter Finals:
Wednesday 1st November


In order to get your name on this this list you must either clear the table from the break, or clear the table from your first shot after an opponents break. 7-balls do not count for the purposes of this list.

If you get an 8 Ball Break & Clearance during a match, please put an asterisk next to the game, and write "Clearance" on the back of the card, signed by both players in the match. If you get a clearance in a Standard Doubles match, please write the name of the player who got the clearance or it will not be awarded.

Single 2017 Break and Clearance Roll of Honour

Date Player
26/09/2017 Sam Palmer


  Player Total
1st Derek Tate 1
1st Sam Palmer 1