Next League Match:
Tuesday 25th September
Upcoming League Fixtures - 25th September, 2018
The Marching Band-vs-Do Something Good
Muppets-vs-Peace Takers
Trigger's Broom-vs-The York
Division 1
Just The Tip-vs-Always Hit It Hard Enough
Dirty Shunts-vs-Armless
Proper Job-vs-Yorkies
Country House (BYE)
Division 2
Legless-vs-Bicton Oddballs
Pilot Bandits-vs-Mrs Brown's Boys
Rack-Em-vs-The Park Inn Tickets
The Animals (BYE)
Division 3
Talking Hands-vs-Bring It On
Pub Bats-vs-The Misfits
The Clinton-vs-Rainbow

The Exmouth Pool League Presentation Night

The Exmouth Pool League Committee would like to let you know that the Exmouth Pool League Presentation Night will be held at the Wings Bar on Friday the 14th of September 2018 starting at 7 PM.

Trophies to be presented are for the Summer 2017 and Winter 2017/18 seasons.

We will also be running a raffle with some great prizes of which include Amazon echo, Amazon echo Dot, flat screen TV and much more.

Kind regards,

The Exmouth Pool League Committee

Registration Deadline

The committee will be at Number 9 from 7pm this Friday 31st. If you would like to hand your forms/cash to us in person, the deadline is 8pm, at which point we will be confirming the leagues.

We will also be available to openly discuss anything in regards to committee duties for anybody that is interested in joining the committee at the end of this season. If you are interested in taking on a role in the committee, please come down and join us!

Announcement - 2018/19 Season Format

To one and all,

As promised, the committee said we would get back to you by the weekend regarding the new pool league season format and provide feedback on the suggestions discussed at the AGM held on Tuesday 21st of August 2018. The suggestion put forward was to divide the season into two halves, one half of 10 frames of singles and the other half with either a 10 or 8 frame match and a mix of singles, doubles, and Scotch doubles.

A committee meeting was held last night (24/08/2018) and after almost 2 hours of deliberation, it is with deep regret that the committee do not have the time or resources to make the changes that would be required from both a pragmatic and technical point of view to adapt the website to fit the suggested format. To do so would mean significant changes to the calculation of the averages, overall rankings, and potentially have an overall effect on frame difference throughout the season. There would also be a significant complication as to how the data will be captured and submitted to the website and backend server database.

Unfortunately, we cannot go into full details of what was discussed, as this announcement would turn into a rather large novel, however, the decision made is as follows: -

The new 2018/19 season format will be replicated as per the 2017/18 season i.e. a single season of 10 frames per match that will be played home and away twice, therefore playing each team a total of four times.

The committee would also like to take this opportunity to reiterate that the current committee are not in a position to continue its current reign and require a boost to the committee to support the league and to secure its future. We would like to make it abundantly clear that the current committee will continue as it stands for the new season, nevertheless we will not be continuing as committee members after the next season. We will however assist with any transition required and fully support a new committee if they are found during the next season. Consequently, if a new committee is not found during the next season in preparation for 2019/20 season, the league will be dissolved.

Kind regards,

The Committee

Note: The new forms are available for download here: Download Registration Form. Physical forms will be going out to pubs over the weekend.

Please return all forms and money/cheques to Number 9 by the 31st August.

Winter 18/19 Registrations Now OPEN!

Thank you to everyone that came out to the AGM on Tuesday. With the season format decided, registrations for the league can now open!

Download Registration Form

Physical forms will be going out to pubs by the weekend.

We have made a few slight tweaks to the form - when adding your players for your team, please tick the box to the right of their name to enter them for the open singles.

We have also added signups for a new Scotch Doubles competition.

Please return all forms and money/cheques to Number 9 by the 31st August.

New Season Info

Hello one and all! We have a few dates and a few announcements for you all.


The AGM will be taking place on the 21st August at 7pm at Wings Bar. If you have anything you would like to discuss please send us a message and we will have a look at it. The main topic for discussion will be the season format going forward so please gather your teams thoughts ready for discussion.

Registrations will open at the end of the AGM after the format has been discussed and voted on.

All being well, the new season will start on the 25th September.

We are still finalising a date for presentation night and will have that with you very soon.


Your pool league needs you! As a committee we have been together a number of years and we feel that we have achieved a lot in our time in charge. At the end of this season some of the committee will unfortunately be standing down due to family, work and other commitments.

For the pool league to be able to continue into the future we need to appoint new people to the committee. If you are interested in taking on any role in the committee please let us know!

There are 6 roles, these are:

Vice Chairman
League Secretary
Competition Secretary
Social Secretary

We will discuss this more at the AGM but if you are interested in taking on a role or helping out, please let us know ASAP by sending a message to the page!

The Commitee