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Tuesday 25th September
Thursday 1st January
Upcoming League Fixtures - 27th November, 2018

New Player Signings

Just a small reminder the teams can sign up new players until the half way point.

Therefore teams have up to and including week 14 (30/01/18) to sign up new players.

Legible Hand writing

All Captains and Players

Although i am awesome at BATCO (Army Battle code - Encryption for radio traffic). Could you please ensure that you write with your best Sunday school handwriting, when filling out the match cards? Some of the hieroglyphics are looking good, (but went out with the Egyptians, i must add) but they make it hard for me to update the results. i will get the results out to you as soon as i have them, but if i canny read them, then it will take time. Thank you to those that already make it easy for me to read the cards. Also, please remember that a 7 ball is not a clearance. A clearance is a player, clearing up from the break or a player's first shot after the opponent’s break. 

Thank you


New Pool League Assistance - Rob Elder (AKA Fredy)

As the committee is very small, and with all the time and effort surrounding the general administration of the league results on a week by week basis, the committee have taken the offer of assistance from Rob Elder to help out with the updating of the Pool League website with the results.

The committee welcome Rob with open arms and are very grateful for his assistance. We hope to get Rob officially signed onto the committee at the next EGM / AGM. In the meantime, please accept this announcement as official communication of this addition to the committee.

If anyone has any questions surrounding this please contact either the Chairman (Rob Pow) or Vice Chairman (Craig Wilson) with your query.

Kind regards,

EDPL Committee

Registration Forms

Please click below to download a registration form for the 2017/2018 pool season.

All forms and monies need to be handed back to Number 9 by September 8th, 2017. Alternatively, please contact a member of the committee.

Registration Form (PDF)

EGM - Tuesday 22nd August 2017 at 8pm in Wings Bar

EGM - Tuesday 22nd August 2017 at 8pm in Wings Bar

Please see below a detailed explanation on the changes that we are proposing which will be discussed and voted on at the EGM.

Please note that when this gets to a vote at the end of the meeting we will only be allowing one vote per team attending. For the reason that only one player is asked to come to the meeting and we want a team vote not 6 votes either way from one team which will skew the results as we cannot and will not get everyone from the league there. Please make sure that the person who votes has the team’s decision when voting for or against the proposal. It will also be a blind vote so no one feels any pressure to vote the same way as others.

The new format and reasoning:


We propose changing the league format to have a single 9 month league from the current Winter and Summer leagues. We have decided that this would be a good time to do this for a few reasons. The season would (number of teams dependent) start around the middle of September each year to around the end of May with finals the two to three weeks following.

There would only be one promotion and relegation each year not the current two.

We have struggled for many years as a committee to get members to join as the committee have busy lives having one season would entail half of the work that it currently needs to do.

The new format would still have as many weeks of Pool throughout the year however the months of July and August would be completely free allowing members to have some summer evenings with family and teams not struggling for players with the majority of holidays being taken at this time.

The format of the matches would change also. The matches would be best of 10 instead of 11. Teams would need only five players being allowed to play in two half’s of five thus twice a match should they be needed to. The points for the match would be awarded as follows:

3 points for a win

1 point for a draw

0 points for a loss

The committee will decide the structure of the league for the first season taking into account all the previous winter and summer seasons to make sure for a competitive league. The amount of teams in each division will be decided once we have all teams entered. It is more than likely that each team will play every other team 4 times throughout the season having somewhere between 32 and 36 matches completed.

Throughout the season more of the competitions in the early rounds will be able to be held on a Tuesday night and we will do everything we can to minimise the amount of bye’s for players.

Having looked at the last winter season we can confirm that there was only a couple of place changes throughout the leagues had this been the format however the points were much closer and teams who finished second would have had more chance of catching the winning teams as they would have been two wins behind (6 points) instead of 20-30 frames a gap we can all agree is too much to over -come with only a handful of fixtures remaining.

Cup matches would also be in this format unless it went to 5-5 where a captain’s pick would need to remain so that the fixture could be completed that night without the need for a replay.

Each competition would have more prestige as there is only one annual champion for each competition and hopefully therefore more people would want to enter and compete.